Simona-Vasilica Oprea received the degree from Polytechnic University in 2001, the master’s degree from Yokohama National University, Japan, in 2007, through the Infrastructure Management Program, and the Ph.D. degree in power system engineering (wind energy integration) and the second Ph.D. degree in economic informatics (electricity consumption management with informatics solutions), in 2009 and 2017, respectively. She is associate professor at the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics, and Economic Informatics, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

Simona-Vasilica Oprea (Female, b. 14 July 1978, Nationality: Romanian) has an interdisciplinary background in Power System Engineering (RES integration, grid planning studies) and ICT (database, big data, machine learning). She received the MSc degree from the Infrastructure Management Program, Yokohama National University, Japan in 2007; 1st PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Bucharest Polytechnic University; in 2009, 2nd PhD in Economic Informatics from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) in 2017. Since 2010, she has been involved in 11 national and international research projects as member or PI. She is the author of 10 books and international chapters, and scientific articles, over 100 indexed in Clarivate Web of Science. She worked for Transelectrica: 2002-2014; National Energy Regulatory ANRE (2014) and ASE: 2014-present., Web of Science ResearcherID: AAF-1475-2019

2024 „Mattei Dogan” Award in Social Science and Economy, Research Team, Romanian Research Gala, MINISTRY OF RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND DIGITALIZATION,

2022 Habilitated at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Habilitation thesis title: „Big data analytics and blockchain solutions”, Order no. 3420/ 16.03.2022 of the Education Ministry

2022 PhD Supervisor, Member of the Doctoral School in Economic Informatics,

2014-2017 PhD in Economic Informatics at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. PhD thesis title: „Informatics solutions for decision assistance regarding electricity consumption optimization in smart grids”

2002-2009 PhD in Electrical Engineering at the Bucharest Polytechnic University. PhD thesis title: “Aspects regarding the open access to the electricity grids. Renewable energy sources integration”

2005-2007 Master in Infrastructure Management at the Yokohama National University, Japan. The International Graduate School of Social Sciences. Thesis title: Allocation methods of cross-border grid capacity

2001-2002 Master in Power Systems at the Bucharest Polytechnic University, Energy Faculty

1996-2001 Bachelor at the Bucharest Polytechnic University, Energy Faculty